"Handy Man" upsets customers

Saturday 19 June 2059 53423 Shares

Kyle Moran, of KJM Property Services, has been called out by his customers. They are extremely upset at the lack of respect he has for their time. These customers had estimates done by Kyle, only to be left without him following up and doing the work. Pastor Nizzi was so upset that she blasted Kyle and his business on NEXTDOOR. This prompted others to add their comments about their dissatisfaction. Mr. Moran's response to all of this was that weather and workload contributed to the delays in getting to the work. In a private interview with this reporter, Kyle said "screw them! I never did work for them and they should stop bitching about me and LEAVE ME ALONE!"
We wish KLM Property Services success and hope that his communications with customers improves. We will do a follow-up in a month or so......maybe, like Kyle getting back to customers!!

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